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You are obviously more than comfortable with the minimum entry level of €50,000 and I take it you are currently active and in a position to move immediately? Also the term 4-5 years your happy with. (Even though you you start to receive a dividend within your first year)? Excellent ok grab yourself a pen a paper and let me tell you how this is going to work.” button_text=”The Intro…” button_icon=”adjust” circle=”true”]

[x_prompt type=”left” title=”The Story” message=”As you already know, we at New Age Hemp plan on building Spains first hemp processing plant. This will be with full decortication facilites with a bio medicine research and development laboratory.
We estimate to spend around 17.5 – 25 million euros.

To facilitate the funding of this facility we shall be selling 4 year leaseholds that will yield a profit of around 40% over five Hemp crop cycles by per meter square. Each metre squared shall be sold at 13:50€ but at the end of each crop cycle each square metre plot will be worth approximately 18-19€. We will do on average two crop cycles per year but shall endeavor to try three.

The value of raw industrial hemp is currently rising as the demand is catching up to supply.
Industrial Hemp has huge market value and is currently being used by a number of major industry leaders in car manufacturing, construction, food and medicine.

New Age Hemp have a unique opportunity to take advantage of this current resurgence of hemp into the market place by becoming wholesale suppliers. This is because we have up to 45 hectares of land at our disposal and 9 months of Spanish sun under which we can do almost 3 full crop Cycles per year.
To give you an example one hectare of hemp can produce the same amount as paper as four hectares of trees. You know how long it takes a tree to grow. Well the hemp grows from seed to full height within three months and we can do it at least twice per year maybe even three.

New Age hemp’s contracted farming group have government permission to cultivate six varieties of industrial hemp. We are currently working with Kc de oro and futurola. ” button_text=”The Story…” button_icon=”adjust” circle=”true”]

[x_prompt type=”left” title=”The Close” message=”We are trying to limit the amount of land we use like this and have allocated 250 hectares. We are trying to limit the number of investors we have on board and would if possible prefer to work with individuals that could afford a minimum of half a hectare is that something you could manage or could you do even more john?” button_text=”The Close…” button_icon=”adjust” circle=”true”][/x_tab][x_tab active=”false”]

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When sending contract/Purchase Agreements to your prospect, please remember the following!
Please write plot size like this example: ‘Ten Thousand Square Metres‘…not like this…’10,000‘.
Please write total cost like this example: ‘One Hundred and Thirty Five Thousand‘ ….not….’135,000

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Use this form if you want to confirm a ‘Call Back’ with your prospect.

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