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Industrial Hemp Plot Lease & Cultivation

x5 Crop Cycles 8% return per annum, accumulating to 40% at end of 5 Cycle/Year term.


The hemp market is exponentially growing at such a rate, that consistent supply is necessary to keep up with demand. The Spanish climate and its 8 months of sun a year makes for optimum growing conditions in which to produce industrial raw hemp.

To amplify our current processing requirements and keep up with our advance orders we have decided to offer lease plots on our land to keep our overall costs down and thus maximize the client’s¬†returns, crop cycle participation is only offered with leasehold title. New age hemp owns the land and lease the land and in turn we our offering this as a leasehold to our clients.

We consider industrial hemp crop cycle participation an excellent opportunity because of the following benefits.
  • Term¬†is only 5 years
  • Very down to earth, no exotic tree species, no production of timber, simply producing raw hemp ready to be sold to the wholesale EU marketplace.
  • Easy to bring to market and sell
  • Can be sold retail and wholesale in Spain and Western Europe
  • Hemp prices keep increasing yearly, slowly and steadily
Return Projection
  • Each square meter has an estimated return on of ‚ā¨3.80 per rotation per year
  • After 3-6 months¬†amount of time dry raw hemp will be purchased from leaseholder at current market price
  • Harvesting and cultivation costs are factored into leasehold purchase cost
  • Management fees and plantation establishment costs are 25% and 75%¬†respectively of investment price
  • We estimate an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 8.14% p.a. for this opportunity
Participation Table – Plot Sizes

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Key Features
  • Our location in Spain provides us with 7-8 months of perfect climate to give us the optimum hemp growing conditions.
  • A hectare of hemp can yield over 38,000‚ā¨ in produce from fibers, oil, seeds and flour.
  • Industrial hemp has huge economic value and is currently used in over 50,000 products.
  • The lease plot will be insured against theft, fire, storm and flooding damage
The Hemp Market

Currently being updated…

Management, Harvesting & Sale
  • Our contracted Management company will seed, harvest and dry the hemp which is factored into the lease agreement purchase price.
  • Each individual leasehold plot will be clearly market out on seeding to ensure your yield is harvested and transferred for storage correctly
  • Each lease holder is allocated an individual area in our drying facilities.
  • On completion of the drying process your yield is weighed and Reuters are paid to the leaseholder ¬†¬†in line with current market pricesDry industrial hemp be sold retail and wholesale throughout Spain and Western Europe