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Industrial Hemp Crop Cycle Participation Programs.

New Age Hemp SL manage a hemp business which is poised to capitalize on Market growth & supply demands. New Age Hemp.SL has developed crop cycle participation programs at attractive levels.  Demonstrating the potential for significant value increase over time.

We are convinced that the time is right to take advantage of the current market conditions. We believe that our experience in the market, combined with the increasingly realistic pricing of real estate assets and business opportunities, can result in superior returns for clients.


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Our Objective

We plan to increase our cultivation of ¬†Industrial Hemp and therefore sales to an ever increasing marketplace. ¬†Our larger vision as a business is the intentions to build Spain’s first Decortication facility, enabling ‘Whole Plant’ processing. ¬†Decortication facilities will enthuse products like Bio-Plastics and Composites, Building and Insulation materials, textiles and animal bedding fibre boards and what’s trending right now…Bio-Meds.