Industrial Hemp is our business

‘New Age Hemp’ manifests in it’s business plan, to immerse itself across all sectors of the hemp industries in an effort to develop a portfolio of associated vertical markets, cost centres/businesses that will enable ‘New Age Hemp’ to capture cash flow, revenues and industrtial Hemp supply contracts.  From Seed to Store.

Driving forward with our business plan, means that there are oppportunities within the Industrial Hemp sector in Europe which demand consultative and authoratative approach. Nurturing farmers/growers and incubating ground level projects through our experience and knowledge.

The Retail & Wholesale of our yields/produce, is focused exclusively on hemp product development and distribution, under a central eCommerce marketplace managed and owned by ‘New Age Hemp’.  Additional value will be generated from the accumulation and analysis of sales/consumer data across all CBD/Cannabidiol & Raw Hemp product categories.

The industry relationships we have, and continue to develop reinforces ‘New Age Hemp’ as a distinct and unique value proposition in the European Industrial Hemp sector.  Positioning ourselves as a dominant player in a rapidly emerging industry.

‘New Age Hemp’ industries. There are very few experienced executive managers in this industry with the level of specific knowledge and experience required to operate effectively.