New Age Hemp are advancing the European Hemp Industry


New Age Hemp is a company assisting the development of the European hemp market from Seed to Store.

New Age Hemp is leading the development of it’s national hemp industry by contracting farmers in and around Europe, facilitating processing facilities, and setting up distribution through wholesale and associated vertical markets.

New Age Hemp is focused on industrial hemp, and also manifests the growth or distribution of medicinal hemp products.

With the plant to develop the largest Hemp Decortication facilities in Spain, the company is well advanced, skilled and knowledgable in its market supply factors.

‘Bast Fibres & CBD extracts are of high quality and our yields are consisitent and well managed, we would have also achieve export capabilities’, quotes New Age Hemp Press officer Bartholomew Thorpe.

New Age Hemp have the ability to expand their cultivation over 4,000 Hectares focussing on Botanical extraction (CBD & Isolate), the Raw Hemp is now to be go through 1st and 2nd pass refining through the yet to be procured Decortication Plant.