Hemp, Inc. to Grow 50 Acres of Industrial Hemp in Spring 2017


LAS VEGAS, NV — (Marketwired) — 11/21/16 — Hemp, Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP) executives are pleased to report that its wholly owned subsidiary, Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC (IHM) in Spring Hope, North Carolina is set to grow 50 acres of industrial hemp next door to their NC processing plant in the Spring of 2017. According to executives, however, the Spring planting of industrial hemp hinges on the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission (NCIHC) establishing the rules and regulations for the state’s agriculture program to grow or cultivate industrial hemp. While the Commission has not yet announced a date of when the rules and regulations will be established or released, farmers across the state are hopeful it will be in time to plant hemp during the Spring next year. With more families “going green,” farmers see more lucrative opportunity in the environmentally sustainable hemp crop than with any other crop.

Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP) said, “Not only are we excited at the possibility to grow our own 50 acres of hemp in the Spring, we are also partnering with land owners and farmers across North Carolina to grow hemp, such as the 1,500 acres we announced in a previous press release, while we complete the final stage of bringing our multi-purpose industrial hemp facility in North Carolina online. We’ve planted Kenaf successfully. Now we are ready for hemp.”

To see the video of America’s largest hemp processing facility (70,000 square feet under roof, on 9 acres) and 60-foot silo installation, click here.

While the company is looking forward to growing hemp on its 50 acres, Perlowin said the company will continue to plant Kenaf in 2017 if the Commission has not set official procedures in place by the Spring. “This year, we are growing 420 acres of Kenaf in several counties in North Carolina… providing revenues to several farmers throughout the state,” said Perlowin.

Kenaf (hibiscus cannabinus) is an annual, non-wood fiber plant that is indigenous to central Africa. Kenaf is a plant in the Malvaceae family also called Deccan hemp and Java jute. It has been likened to okra and cotton and typically grows 12 to 18 feet tall in a six-month growing season. The raw fiber has been known to grow well in many parts of the United States and has been considered an eco-friendlier way to make paper without cutting down trees. According to DavesGarden.com, “uses of the fiber range from paper, grass mats, fiberglass substitutes, animal bedding, oil-absorbent materials, chicken and cat litter, animal forage, particle board, and potting soil, to name a few.”

To see the video showcasing the dramatic footage of our hemp and Kenaf grows, click here.

As the leader in the industrial hemp industry, Hemp, Inc. will also provide two-day educational seminars towards the end of every month beginning February 2017. Day 1 of the seminar will be held at a location in Raleigh, North Carolina (to be determined) and Day 2 of the seminar will be held at the hemp processing facility in Spring Hope with 50 acres of hemp (or Kenaf) growing next door.

According to Perlowin, the company has already secured an outstanding lineup of experts from at least a dozen states all over the country, including New York, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon and Kentucky. “The Hemp University,” as it’s called, will educate its attendees on key topics such as transitioning from traditional farming to organic farming, different hemp cultivar strains, how and where to get certified seeds, planting and harvesting industrial hemp, an in depth history of hemp and its many uses, agronomy, permaculture, ecological advantages and many more courses with an ever expanding curriculum.

It will also cover such topics as organic certification, potential licensing fees, what’s happening with industrial hemp in different states around America, high CBD strains and different CBD extraction technologies (which will also be installed and showcased at Hemp, Inc. processing facility) and marketability of the crop. The seminars are expected to start in February 2017.

To see the video of America’s largest hemp processing facility (70,000 square feet under roof, on 9 acres) and 60-foot silo installation, click here.

The locale for the industrial hemp educational seminars will be Hemp, Inc.’s multipurpose industrial hemp processing facility in Spring Hope, NC. “We foresee a huge advantage and benefit for attendees attending ‘The Hemp University.’ They will not only learn from the best experts in the industry, they will also be able to tour our plant and our crops. It will be very ‘hands-on.’ We also plan to showcase hemp retail products from all around America and in some cases connect potential distributors with industrial hemp product manufacturers. We plan to make this a one stop shop for everything or the Hemp Zone for every aspect of industrial hemp from seed and soil to sale,” said Perlowin.

Executives are excited to offer such a diverse selection of the monthly industrial hemp seminars, taught by leading experts in their field. This also provides a forum for the tens of thousands of Hemp, Inc. shareholders, where they can go and tour the plant, learn and see, first-hand, what Hemp, Inc. is doing.

 The Hemp University will feature something for everyone looking to either break into this industry or grow their business. All of the farmers we currently work with are growing Kenaf but are eager to switch to industrial hemp.” The farmers also have a major incentive to grow hemp. IHM is looking to purchase up to 5,000 acres of hemp or more and collectively growing up to 50,000 acres, as it reported in a previous press release. IHM have already signed an agreement to purchase 1,500 acres of hemp from BioRegen Innovation Cooperative.

BioRegen Innovations Cooperative (BioRegen) is a cooperative enterprise of farmers, industry experts and seed breeders. BioRegen seeks to build bio regenerative communities throughout the state of North Carolina. Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC, according to the LOI, will purchase the raw hemp that is to be harvested from BioRegen’s land in eastern North Carolina, approximately seventy-five miles from Hemp, Inc.’s industrial hemp processing facility in Spring Hope, North Carolina.

Hemp, Inc.’s commercial, large scale, 70,000 square foot industrial hemp processing facility, on 9 acres of land in Spring Hope, North Carolina is the only one of this magnitude in North America. It is indeed bound to become the mecca of this new clean green agricultural and industrial American revolution.