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Welcome to New Age Hemp

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New Age Hemp offers ideation & Implementation, support & guidance of Hemp business models that provide traction for new vertical markets. From Hemp buildings to ultra-strong composites for automobiles and next generation energy storage, Hemp will prove to be one of the most sustainable and useful inputs for industrial applications and products across the globe.


New Age Hemp Consult & Assist with Hemp businesses in the following areas of  the Hemp industry.  From Seed to Store.  Explore this site to further understand our business.

Combining Hemp, Decortication of Hemp, 1st Pass Refining, Hemp Building Materials, Hemp Bedding materials,  Absorbents made from Hemp, Hemp Particle boards, 2nd/3rd Pass Refining, Bast Fibre Bales, Hemp Plastics Biocomposites,  Hemp BioComposite Injection Mouldings, Textiles from Hemp Fibre, Insulation made with Bast Fibre, Bast High Grade Paper, Twine, Rope & Upholstery, Bio-Fuel Dust.

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New Age Hemp is leading the development of it’s national hemp industry by contracting farmers in and around Europe, facilitating processing facilities, and setting up distribution through wholesale and associated vertical markets.

Additionally NewAge Hemp has developed ancillary financial and marketing services required to grow the national sector.  New Age Hemp is rapidly developing a portfolio of subsidiaries both public and private, through land aquisition & infrastructure development.

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We cover a myriad of services across the Industrial Hemp sector.

Business & Consumer product consulting & strategy

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For the convenience of our clients, New Age Hemp  provides direct consultation with patients & pharma R&D businesses.  CBD products are available by joining our focus group.

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